Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment (DTG) is a digital printing process that uses a highly modified inkjet printer with special textile inks to print directly on the garment. Best used when printing a small number of garments or when the design/logo has multiple colors. There are no minimums – print one shirt for a personalized birthday gift and smaller quantities with names and/or numbers for a family reunion or sports team.

Custom Birthday Shirts *** Personalized Names/Numbers for Family Reunions and Sports Teams *** Parties *** Golf Tournaments *** Office Functions *** Bowling Teams ***
School Projects & Functions *** Photographs

The quality of the DTG process has improved greatly over recent years due to improved technology and is a great option for printing smaller orders. Because of the lack of steps required, there are no setup fees as color separations, films and screens are not required as with screen printing. Once your artwork is ready on the computer it is output directly onto the garment.

The color palette is unlimited. Have a photograph printed on a t-shirt for grandma or a birthday shirt personalized with a name, saying and picture.

This DTG process allows for a very soft feel to the printed image. You can not feel the printed design on the garment and this is referred to as a “soft hand” to the finished garment.

Art & Garment Specifications:

Inkjet printing directly to a shirt will not yield the same image quality as inkjet printing to paper – just as printing on copy paper can’t compare to printing on high-quality photo paper.

With that in mind, choose garments that are closer to “photo” paper than “copy” paper. Select high thread count and a fine, dense weave that will provide a better print surface.

Avoid garments with too much fluff or pile because that inhibits the inkjet process. Ring-spun cotton is softer and more expensive, but that soft hand comes from all the tiny fibers that stick up off the fabric. These tiny fibers block some of the ink from making a solid bond with the garment and little bits of the image wash away as the fibers wear off.

It is best to provide art that is sized as close as possible to the actual print size.

Light Colored Garments:
Maximum image size 14” x 16”
High resolution jpeg, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop
Can print on 100% cotton, cotton blends, and 100% or blend polyester
Dark Colored Garments:
Maximum image size 11 ½” x 16”
High resolution jpeg for art is best
100% cotton is recommended – the more cotton the better
No polyester

DTG is better suited for lighter colored garments although dark garments can be done. Super Tees can assist you with your art work and recommendations for the best garment selections.

Please keep in mind that the DTG process is best for smaller orders. Quantity discounts are not available as with the full color wholesale screen printing Super Tees provides. We will be happy to do a comparison to see which process is best for you.