Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements

Artwork – created by Super Tees
We can create just about anything you want printed on a shirt! Our art department has over 30 years of experience in graphic design. We charge $40.00 per hour for art. Typically, it takes 1 hour or less to create a great design!

Artwork – created by You
Screen ready artwork is defined as color separated positive images with clean sharp lines that does not require alterations. It has to be digitially input into certain drawing or vector programs for film output for screen printing. Low resolution jpegs, bitmaps, photocopies, sketches, business cards or other printed products, images from the internet such as Custom Ink designs, MS Word, Power Point presentations are not considered screen ready artwork.

Electronic Art
Art may be provided on CD, a flash drive or via email.

Please send art to:

We accept the following formats:

•EPS – Vector
•AI – Adobe Illustrator – (CS3 or lower)
•CDR – Corel Draw – (10 or lower)
•Please convert ALL TEXT to outlines, curves or paths.
Design the vector art in spot or Pantone spot colors if possible. Turning art from CMYK to spot colors is subject to an art charge.
•PSD – Adobe Photoshop files are acceptable for output – (Photoshop CS or lower) – (High resolution Adobe Photoshop jpegs and bitmaps @ 300 DPI or higher) –
Electronic Proofs
Proofs will be emailed for all orders. Please, carefully proof spelling, imprint, colors and print locations. Typically artwork services do not start until an order is placed. Be aware that your computer monitor color may not render accurate color compared to ink on a shirt. Once approved by you, it is your responsibility if something isn’t correct on the final product. We will gladly send you up to three proofs for free, subsequent proofs may incur an additional charge of $5.00 each.

Size Limitations for Printing
•Auto Press = 15” wide x 20” Long
**for quantities OVER 50 pieces
•Manual Press = 18” wide x 26” Long
**for quantities 50 or LESS
•Artwork may be limited by Shirt size.
**For orders OVER 50 pieces
•All are dictated by screen size & board size.