Embroidery is stitching a design/logo on fabric with embroidery thread by a commercial embroidery machine. |
Super Tees is proud to provide some of the highest quality embroidery in the Denver metro area!!! Orders can consist of any combination of garments and there are no minimum orders. Turn -around time is 10 business days days from final customer approval and deposit date. (50% down, balance upon completion.) Rush service available.

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Polo/Sports Shirts *** Button Down Dress Shirts *** Jackets/Coats T-shirts *** Hats *** Hoodies *** Crewneck/Sweat Shirts *** Vests *** Sweaters*** Blankets *** Aprons *** Bath Towels *** Bags *** Shorts *** Golf Towels

Set Up Fee and Price per Piece:

Embroidery is not necessarily more expensive than screen printing. It may very well end up being less $$

when you have a smaller quantity of garments and have multiple colors the design/logo. We can get you
a comparison to screen printing to see what works best for you.

Embroidery is priced by the stitch count in the design/logo, not by number of colors as with screen printing.
The more complex and fill in the design, the more the stitch count. The setup fee as well as the cost of the actual
embroidery on to each garment depends on stitch count.


The set up fee is taking the design/logo and putting it in to a format so it can be embroidered on to a garment. This is called digitizing a stitch file (DST). The digitizing set up fee is a one -time fee per design per size. So if you use the same design and same size for repeat orders, there will not be another set up fee. However, if you want another size of your design it may require an editing fee. If you change in the design, it will require a new stitch file.

On average, the set up fee for a typical left chest size logo (3-4” width/ 6,000 stitch count or less) can range from $35 to $60.

Embroidery price per piece: The cost for the actual embroidery on to each garment can range from $3.50 to $12 per piece, again, depending on how large the design is and how much tread fill is in the design. This does not include the cost of the garment. Give us a call and we can make recommendations for the most economic, highest quality DST file